ASI: #31971 SAGE: #69032

Standard Ink Colors

Due to the limitations of web color, actual colors may vary on your monitors. Please only use these colors as a reference and not for accuracy. The closest PMS match is listed for each respective stock color. Listed colors are approximations and we cannot guarantee a perfect match to the listed PMS color.

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  Ink Color and Name Closest PMS Equivalent   Ink Color and Name Closest PMS Equivalent
  #10 Primrose Yellow PMS 102   #51 Brilliant Green PMS 7482
  #12 Medium Yellow PMS 123   #39 Emerald Green PMS 3415
  #13 Goldenrod PMS 1235   #55 Pacific Teal PMS 321
  #18 Pumpkin Orange PMS 1585   #52 Dark Green PMS 3305
  #20 Brilliant Orange PMS 172   #63 Charcoal PMS 405
  #27 Pink PMS 1895   #62 Medium Gray PMS 423
  #26 Rhodamine Red PMS 214   # 61 Gray PMS 420
  #19 Fire Red PMS 186   # 46 Brown PMS 476
  #17 Scarlet Red PMS 7426   # 48 Beige PMS 4685
  #31 Purple PMS 269   # 65 Metallic Gold PMS 871
  #41 Sky Blue PMS 7457   # 35 Metallic Silver PMS 877
  #42 Light Blue PMS 2915   # 94 Fluorescent Yellow PMS 803
  #21 Peacock Blue PMS 2935   # 96 Fluorescent Orange PMS 804
  #22 Ultra Blue PMS 2748   # 90 Fluorescent Pink PMS 806
  #23 Navy PMS 655   # 92 Fluorescent Red PMS 805
  Reflex Blue Reflex Blue   # 98 Fluorescent Green PMS 802

Ink printed or used on different fabrics and textures may vary slightly:

For contrast, we recommend that fluorescent inks be used against black or one of our dark standard colors. Industry standards indicate that fluorescent inks will fade rapidly when exposed to direct sunlight (timeline varies according to location and usage). Fluorescent inks are recommended for indoor or short-term outdoor usage only.

Regarding colors on your computer monitor:

Colors will appear differently from one computer monitor to another. Please use these collors only as an approximation of their closest PMS values listed.

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ASI: #31971


SAGE: #69032

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