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Cloisonne Lapel Pins

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Cloisonne Lapel Pins
Free Lapel Pin Shipping
Free Lapel Pin Art
7-10 Day Lapel Pin Production
3 Lapel Pin Colors

Cloisonné Lapel Pins

High Quality

Like most lapel pin styles, cloisonné pins have a reputation for beauty, created through precise manufacturing. Dating as early as the 13th century, cloisonné pins were first made in ancient China during the Ming Dynasty for artistic and other purposes. Similar to the die struck lapel pins and soft enamel lapel pins, cloisonné pins start with a stamped metal sheet in the style of your choice. Each pin is hand-filled with a glass-like color liquid resin. Once color filled, the cloisonné pins are fired in an oven at over 1,700 degrees to give the pins a hard, glossy, jewelry-like finish. This will shine and endure over time for a top-quality promotional product.

Ordering Is Easy and Fun

When ordering promotional products from Adinaline, LLC, you'll have access to our talented design and customer service staff. Ordering is quick and has never been easier. Just select the style, color and type of product. We'll use the information you provide to design a custom product proof and send it to you via email in less than 24 hours. You can change the design as much as you like, because we provide free artwork and revision services. Once you have approved the art, your order is processed, manufactured and shipped in approximately 14 days.


  • Colors Available: Pantone Solid Coated
  • Imprint Colors: Up to 7 Colors Available
  • Approximate Size: .75" up to 2.5" +
  • Set Up Charge: None
  • Multi Color Imprint: Available (free)
  • Second Side Imprint: 20 Characters


  • Butterfly Clutch: Standard ($0) Each
  • Rubber Clutch: Free ($0) Each
  • Jewelry Clutch: $0.41 (G) Each
  • Safety Pin Clutch: $0.20 (G) Each
  • Custom Card Stock: $0.20 (G) Each
  • Presentation Cases: $0.75 (G) Each
  • 1 Piece Magnet Back: $0.35 (G) Each

Cloisonne Lapel Pin Pricing (10R)

Size 100 200 300 500 750 3000 5000 10000
3/4" $4.44 $3.53 $2.57 $2.19 $1.88 $1.43 $1.23 $1.07
1" $4.49 $3.63 $2.76 $2.27 $1.97 $1.52 $1.38 $1.23
1.25" $4.68 $3.77 $2.90 $2.39 $2.10 $1.61 $1.43 $1.29
1.50" $5.07 $4.22 $3.33 $2.54 $2.28 $1.73 $1.49 $1.43
1.75" $5.40 $4.50 $3.66 $2.87 $2.57 $2.04 $1.80 $1.74
2" $5.66 $4.76 $3.92 $3.11 $2.81 $2.28 $2.04 $1.98


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Lapel Pin Backing Options

Butterfly Clutch Lapel Pin Backing

Butterfly Clutch
Free Option

Rubber Clutch Lapel Pin Backing

Rubber Clutch
Free Option

Safety Pin Lapel Pin Backing

Safety Pin Backing
$.20 (v)

2 Piece Apparel Magnet Lapel Pin Backing

2 Piece Apparel Magnet
$.45 (v)

Jewelry Clutch Lapel Pin Backing

Jewelry Clutch
$.41 (v)

Deluxe Clutch Lapel Pin Backing

Deluxe Clutch
$.25 (v)

Cuff Link Lapel Pin Backing

Cuff Link Backing
$.65 (v)

Lapel Pin Presentation Case

Presentation Case
$.75 (v)

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"This all looks great! Thank you! We are very impressed with the service we receive from this company and tell ALL of our people (thousands) where we get our bracelets from and what kind of service we receive. Never underestimate the importance of service. Thank you for your excellent service."

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